Coronavirus Protection Spell


I have gathered 5 excellent spell casters and 1 renowned doctor to solve this situation once and for all!

With their powers and expertize combined with my understanding of positive/negative energies and the power of the mind, we have now an excellent protection spell created just for you! Read below and order right way.

The Covid-19 virus is spreading around the world like a wildfire and at the moment there is no way of stopping it. We have no real understanding of how it spreads and governments around the world have only one solution: wash your hands! That is not enough to survive this pandemic!

Medical staff members wearing protective clothing arrive with a patient at the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital in China on Jan. 25.

Coronavirus Protection spell

This specially designed coronavirus protection spell is the best insurance you can get and it will boost your immune system to protect you from the the worst affects of the Coronavirus. This spell boosts your immune system for 6 months. Please still follow W.H.O. guidelines as to not get the Coronavirus. You are buying this spell to make sure you will not be very sick or die from the Coronavirus. I only have 80/500 spells left. The materials needed for this spell is difficult to get right now and it could be another 6 months before I can get more. ONLY 47,95 USD UNTIL MIDNIGHT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I be concerned with the coronavirus pandemic?
A: Yes, we all have to take it seriously. Most deaths have been of people who already were in a bad condition but there are also healthy people who lost their lives to the coronavirus.

Q: Can’t I just use a vaccine instead of the Coronavirus protection spell?
A: No, there is no vaccine and it will take about 12-18 months to develop one.

Q: What should I do if I do not use the protection spell you offer?
A: Always check the W.H.O. website for latest information and also learn how to minimize catching the Coronavirus.

Q: How will your protection spell help me?
A: I have gathers 5 excellent spell casters and with the inside information about the virus (thanks to a renowned doctor), We will all cast your spell together. This will boost your immune system to help combat Coronavirus. This is not a designed to totally protect you from contracting it, as a spell like that would cost 2000 USD. This is the next best thing! When you contract the virus (IF you do, but a pandemic is very hard to stop), this will help protect against the bad symptoms. You will not have a severe or deadly outcome.

Q: How much is this protection spell and how long will I be protected?
A: The spell is 47,95 USD and it is a one time fee. The spell will protect you for about 6 months.

Q: Can I buy a spell for someone else?
A: Yes, you can order a spell for someone you care about. Make sure you have the details about the person. When you are at the checkout page, you can change the amount of spells you want.

Q: What is the next step after I have ordered my spell?
A: You can either email me to “” or wait until I contact you via the email you used when you purchased the spell. I will need full name, country, birth date and if you have any specific health issues at the moment, before I prepare for your spell cast.