1. Is this safe?
Answer: YES, This is completely safe!

2. How do I know my aura is cleansed?
Answer: You will most likely feel a sensation similar to going into a trance state. It is for a very short moment but indicates that energies now flow freely. In some cases you can also feel random temperature changes for a while and/or have strange dreams for some days.

3. Will my debt to the universe really be paid with your karma cleansing?
Answer: YES, but please be aware that from the instant that it’s cleansed, you will start collecting bad karma for every bad act or bad thought you have. Therefore, I recommend that you keep using the monthly service to get your karma cleansed every 6 months.

4. When you’ve completed the cleanings, will my spells be able to give results?
Answer: Yes, most good results come for this reason. With an impure aura or/and karma, a spells success rate is normally 90% LESS than if the aura and karma are pure!

5. Will I feel happier after using your service?
Answer: Yes, of course! Cleansing your whole being will not only remove all the negative energies but will also allow pure and positive energies to embrace and lead you onwards in your life’s journey!

6. How do I pay?
Answer: I use the Bluesnap system so you can pay with either bluesnap or credit/debit cards. In some countries (such as USA) you can pay with e-check (you send from your bank account via bluesnap). You will be charged 3,97 usd now and automatically 9.97 usd per month.

7. Do you have a guarantee?
Answer: Yes, I do! I work hard for you to find a pure state of happiness but I am not you and your own actions do matter! My promise is that you will have all negative energies around you, gone after the aura and karma cleansing are completed, and that you will stay pure as long as you keep using my service. If you used my service for 12 months and feel you are not satisfied, I will refund half of the amount paid. PLEASE NOTE: I do not control any spells cast and can never guarantee that spells other casters have performed, are real or powerful enough. My service is a boost in the process but not connected with them at all!

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