Take advantage of my ultimate life-changing solution that is praised by thousands!

Are you waiting for your spell to fulfill all your wishes? Nothing has happened yet? Have you had several spells cast and still nothing? I know why! You are infected with negative energies!

Fear not, I can help you…

  • Every impure thought, every impure action, and all egoistic traits draw negative energies to you and the purity of your aura falters. And let’s not go into what it does to your karma! Karma, the universe’s way of telling you that you have a debt to pay…
  • Where exactly do you reckon you are today? Be honest with yourself and take a moment to ponder. Everybody has moments of thoughts or acts that have transcended into a negative response from the universe. It is inevitable!

Imagine your lover back again in your arms, or your debts paid and you can live a carefree life!

  • Many are unaware that spells will have a hard time breaking through and connecting with your subconscious mind if your aura is impure. It becomes like a dark negative force that repels all the positive energies, that strive to empower your whole being. Body, mind, and spirit.
  • By cleansing your aura today, you will ensure that any spell you have had cast for you or any future spell that you will have cast, will now actually have a chance of working. This is a fact that can’t be denied.
  • I like to use the parallel of buying the great car you always wanted but you never got the car battery. You need that last piece of the puzzle to make the spell really ignite and burst into glory!

Make sure all YOUR debt to the universe is paid – SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR HAPPINESS, NOW!


Subscribers of my cleansing service have reported back to me with these effects of the cleansing ritual (other than having all their previous spells working of course!):

  • Feels like a dark cloud has been repelled and the sun shines bright again (metaphor of course)
  • Negative thoughts have reduced and many felt it even turned in to positive thoughts
  • Healthier in general (a happy mind helps to empower the body’s immune system)
  • More open-minded about things
  • Attracting more positive people
  • No more nightmares
  • A positive attitude about the future
  • More strength and determination (when wanting to accomplish things in life)
  • Etc..

“It’s a horrible mistake not to cleanse one’s aura, so try this out!”

“I could feel the difference. I could see the difference when suddenly spells I have had cast previously by other casters started to work! Even one spell, which a spell caster claimed she needed to boost it and needed more money for materials, worked!

-Juliana Rosowski from N.Y.


I am not only offering you the best Aura cleaning and blessing but I will include my notorious karma cleansing as well (save 200 USD)! This will help you develop your inner light and power as well as helping you to establish a perfect balance between body, mind, and spirit.


Yes! I want to fulfill all my dreams and desires, and I want the amazing free karma cleansing as a bonus, so I do not have to worry about negative energies tainting me ever again!


Service information:

The cleansing is an ongoing process that most choose to use for years. I recommend that you at least use it until you have full results with any other spell that you have had cast that has not produced any real results yet. The process is in 3 steps as written below.

Combo cleansing steps:

1. Complete cleansing of your aura
2. Complete cleansing of your karma
3. Ongoing cleansing once per month

Step one will happen within 72h after your order has been completed. Step two in one month after and then step three one month after step two. Then it’s ongoing and step three will be done once per month.

Your payment will be done with a monthly subscription and the payments are the following: To start the combo cleansing you will make a payment of 3,97 USD. Then each following month you will automatically be charged 9,97 USD. The minimum I suggest is 3 months payment (but you are allowed to cancel the subscription at any time but I advise you to consult me before you actually do it).


As I have not cast your spell (maybe you had a love or money spell cast by another spell caster), I can never promise you anything that has to do with that spell. My guarantee is only valid for the cleansing I perform. I give a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are not happy, you may request a refund. Read FAQ/TOS for detailed information. (This is a blessing and cleansing service!)